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As of 03/21/14 the MN Department of Revenue has passed $508 million in tax cuts. If you have already filed your 2013 tax return here is what you need to know. The MN department of Revenue is going to be looking at all the returns that have already been filed. If you are affected by these tax cuts, you will be notified by the MN Department of Revenue through a letter explaining what they are going to do about it. If they say they need additional information and that you have to amend your tax return please contact us and we will help figure out how much additional refund you will be entitled to. There will however be a fee for amending your state tax return and that cost will be $35.

This year in 2014, we have added some new features to better serve you. Every year we get more and more requests from our clients during the year for a copy of their tax return as they can’t find the tax return we have provided. There are numerous reasons we receive these requests:

So with the help of our tax software company, we have come up with a solution so you have your tax return available at your fingertips when you need it.

Let us introduce you to PortalSafe.   What is PortalSafe?

PortalSafe is a fast, secure and reliable online file sharing service. It enables Greg’s Tax Service to safely share confidential information with you. You will be able to view, print, upload documents and then save your tax return online 24/7 with a just a few easy steps after setting up your account. All that is needed is an email address at the time of preparing your tax return. Once we finish preparing your return and it is accepted by the IRS, it will then be uploaded to Portal safe where you will receive an email informing you that you have files for viewing. Just click on the link, setup your username and password and you will have access to your tax return.

PortalSafe allows you to quickly and safely upload documents that we may need or require to be included in your tax file.

Another great feature is email or text message notification when your return has been accepted by the IRS. Once you receive this notification, you can rest easier knowing your Federal and State(s) tax returns have been accepted. Please click on the IRS refund button to see how the refund process will work this tax year

Feel free to consult with Greg, Jon, or Justin with further questions on any of these new features.

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